The Wide Ocean - Page 145

21st Jan 2020, 9:00 AM in Arc 2
The Wide Ocean - Page 145
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Author Notes:

TheHiddenElephant 21st Jan 2020, 9:00 AM
Meet Nehe Kurangi. She's old. Like, she's really old.


Mild 28th Jan 2020, 2:35 PM
Sharks can live for hundreds of years. How long do shark people live?
TheHiddenElephant 28th Jan 2020, 4:53 PM
Sharkfolk can live for over a hundred years, but it appears getting beyond 130 is remarkable. Nehe Kurangi here is about 103 years old.
Mild 28th Jan 2020, 10:53 PM
Hmm, they seem to stop growing after they become adults... Fish don't, they keep growing all their life so old fish can get huge. Are shark people fish?

Sorry, the biologist in me woke up again :)
TheHiddenElephant 28th Jan 2020, 10:56 PM
In a magical world, created by gods, evolutionary science struggles. They are both fish and mammals; they've got gills, their skin is more shark-like and is hairless, but they do have mammary glands and nipples. Their teeth even have different shapes, but the molars aren't as good at grinding and are much harder to see.

Besides, I needed to have a height limit so Puarani could be the little one.
Mild 29th Jan 2020, 11:13 AM
Fish and mammals... not quite realistic but interesting.