Zahrah al-Sulayhi

A princess from the land of Jawahra.  She is more adventurous than is good for her, but has a good head on her shoulders.  She has magical powers that she has never been given the chance to explore, but ever since being shipwrecked, magic has taken a back seat.

Zahrah has a Character Reference Sheet here.


A sharkfolk who ran away from the rest of her tribe for private reasons.  Though she is much larger than Zahrah, she is very timid.  This shyness is in constant battle with her curiosity.  Said curiosity let her find and save Zahrah from being shipwrecked.

Puarani has a Character Reference Sheet here.





The Mer-Zombies

(The Mer-zombies don't have a design sheet.  They aren't even called that by our heroes.)

An unending swarm of the dead, remnants of a horriffic tragedy connected to Puarani's tribe and reanimated by some dark, unknown force.  Unfortuantly for them, they are very fragile.  Although frightening to look at, they are only dangerous in large numbers or if they carry weapons.  Despite their fragile bodies, they only die if their head is destroyed or injured enough to do a normal being in.